UDL/UD Series Mechanical Variator with Gear Reducer


UDL/UD Series Mechanical Transmission
Rated power: 0.18KW~7.5KW
Rated torque: 1.5~118N.m
Ratio: 1.4~7.0
Installation form: foot, flange installation
Housing: aluminum alloy or cast iron

1. Shell: aluminum alloy (UDL series) cast iron (UD series)
2. Enter the configuration:
Equipped with an electric motor
IEC Standardized Motor Flanges
3. Output configuration:
solid shaft output
Solid shaft output with output flange

1. The adjustable speed span can be accurate to 0.5~1 r/min
2. Can be combined with other types of gearboxes (such as R series, K series, F series, S series, RV series, WB series cycloid reducer)
3. Compact structure
4. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation