Udl Stepless Speed Variator


Descriptions of UDL Stepless Speed Variator

The design of UDL series continuously variable transmission draws on domestic and foreign advanced technology. The continuously variable transmission adopts a high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting gearbox, which will never rust, ensure high quality, compact structure, small size, lightweight, and saves installation space when installing. Moreover, the stepless speed varistor is suitable for continuous work, and the speed can be changed according to actual needs. Reliable performance, large speed regulation range, and speed regulation can be realized.

Characteristics of UDL Stepless Speed Variator

  1. UDL continuously variable transmission has the characteristics of high-speed regulation accuracy, up to 05-1 rpm.
  2. The ratio range is large, and the output ratio can be freely changed from 1:1.4 to 1:7.
  3. The continuously variable transmission can run continuously for a long time and can run freely in the front and rear.
  4. UDL series transmissions are fully sealed and are suitable for wet, dusty, mild, and corrosive environments.

Advantages of UDL Stepless Speed Variator

  • Good adaptability

UDL series continuously variable transmission can be effectively combined with various reducers such as cycloid reducer, RV worm gear reducer, etc. to reduce the increase of output torque and realize various output speeds under different occasions.

  • High strength

When the shock load is reversed, the machine has reliable performance, accurate drive, and no recoil.

  • Superior performance

All transmission parts of this series of gearboxes are strictly machined, precision machined, ground, contacted, and have good lubricating performance.