UDL Series Stepless Speed Variators


UDL series continuously variable transmission is widely used in food, ceramics, packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, paper, machine tools, automatic lines, assembly lines, and assembly lines requiring speed regulation.
1. High-speed regulation and high precision: up to 0.5-1 revolution.
2. Large speed change range: the speed change ratio can be changed arbitrarily from 1:1.4 to 1:7.
3. High strength and long service life.
4. Speed regulation is convenient.
5. The operation is continuous, the running direction is front and rear, the driving is stable, the transmission is stable, and the noise is low.
6. Fully sealed, adapt to different working temperatures
7. Compact structure and small volume.
8. Aluminum alloy and cast iron housing
9. Wide range of adaptation. UDL series CVT can be combined with various reducers to realize low-speed CVT.