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EPG high-precision planetary gear reducer is a perfect blend of large-precision planetary gear and higher-performance bearing engineering. It is specifically made for apps that need to have to make sure substantial speed and reduced sounds while reaching best performance. EPG precision planetary equipment reducer has the outstanding efficiency of stable and silent operation with the support of large rigid framework and high precision helical teeth, and at the identical time has a much more powerful pressure.

EPG Precision Planetary Equipment Reducer

Large pace &amp reduced sound
Sturdy &amp easy performance

EPG Characteristics

The new helical tooth style realizes ideal synchronization and easy operation and minimizes vibration. Higher-precision gears are utilised to obtain substantial-precision transmission and modest backlash. Large output torque, substantial transmission performance, secure transmission, substantial speed, and minimal noise. Coaxial design, rotating in the very same course, diversified output shaft types High rigidity, compact, miniaturized layout Stunning visual appeal, great climate resistance, ideal for any installation orientation, with good interchangeability, can match different motors, and set up Practical and great sealing, life span lubrication, upkeep-totally free.

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